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About Us

What do you get when two grownups and their four kids travel around Australia in a caravan for six months? Your fair share of craziness, countless memories and an entirely different outlook on life.

For me, this was the trip of our lifetime. Just us, our kids and not much else to distract us from this great country of ours. Who would have thought that half a year later, I would not only be returning home with a full heart but also with the burning desire to leave a mark on our planet - in a good way!

Travelling with kids certainly guarantees one thing: eye-opening moments! One of my little ones whipped up her own story book featuring tons of plastic waste in the oceans killing the turtles. How can we grownups keep justifying the way we treat our planet when a 7-year old can put one and one together?

Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t always perfect. But seeing the obvious damage to the environment firsthand wherever our little home on wheels pulled up was simply heart-breaking.

Once we settled back into life back home in country Victoria, the search for local eco-friendly alternatives to our household staples began – without much luck! Determination is my middle name, so I went on a personal search for a solution that would put affordable and practical green products on family shopping lists, even in rural communities.

That solution is The Rural Eco Store.


Have I officially introduced myself yet? 

I’m Shelley, a passionate mum from rural Victoria who doesn’t leave things to chance.

Call me crazy but travelling across Australia with four kids in tow was bloody amazing. Sure, there were tense moments, there were times when I was tempted to drop into the next motel for a night in a comfy bed or even fly home to escape the madness. But the mindset shifts it gifted me were a deep appreciation of a simpler life with less (you can’t fit much in a caravan with a family of 6!), a passion for reducing our footprint and a deep love of our amazing landscape.

After my epic adventure, settling back down to the normal grind wasn’t an option. I simply couldn’t find the same fulfilment returning to work in allied health. Believe me; I tried for a while as it certainly paid the bills.

What lights me up today is taking the hassle out of green living for Australian families especially rural families! If I can somehow make the switch easy and fun for everyone, then there’s a realistic chance that the eco-friendly family home can become the new normal across Australia.

Are you joining the new normal?